Melissa Starner Carswell — Henderson, Nevada

Melissa stole some d**k, temporarily. Yeah, he’s going to get a divorce and hurt his wife and kids, but he is thinking with his c**k, knocking off some strange with Melissa. When her strange s****h becomes familiar, he’ll realize how he created a lot of work for himself. He has to explain it all to the kids, why daddy didn’t want them and mommy. He has to convince them she’s a good s**t to have peace of mind. The p***y will seem like a second job, not to mention all the work he’ll have to do to convince her that he made the right choice. Deep inside he’s not sure why he cheated, except for the rush of f*****g someone for the first time, or first 100 times. In six months, he’ll start regretting all the extra emotional support he has to give to justify the new p***y, it will be old by then. He’ll want to run away and find something new, a place to take a nap, this is certain. The thrill of Melissa will be long gone. More cheating will ensue, by one or the other, and then the drd’s might sneak in, an unexpected gift to a lot of cheaters.

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