Marcus Robinson – Williamsburg, Virginia

He has GENITAL HERPES and does not disclose the information to unsuspecting victims, run far and away fast, he will try to propose to you after the first date and claim to love you only after meeting for the first time, he’s well known around Williamsburg for being crazy, he’s had many many women and is on every dating site out there, be very very cautious when dealing with him, he loves to make threats with his guns, full of hot air, he also takes psychotropic drugs for mood disorders and other mental issues, RUN FAR AWAY, DO NOT DATE HIM, he’s also an alcoholic, has many DUI’S, drives drunk all of the time, county records show arrest for that as well, uses illegal drugs, loser all around, he’s a dead beat baby daddy, lies to get out of paying child support to his own flesh and blood, pretends to be an upstanding professional man, all of his exes hate him, has been married numerous times, a real creep, AVOID at all cost!

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