Marcus Adam Kuron — Toledo, Ohio

Serial cheater. Serial liar. Wonder if he’s ever been faithful in any relationships in his 45 year life thus far. Had a child with a younger woman while married with children. Has 7 kids by 5 women. Likes to use the excuse that he is “working” when he’s in the mood to bang other bs. Even with solid evidence of his infidelity, he will still attempt to lie and claim he’s never cheated. Or he will become angry and put the blame on you if caught. Doesn’t seem to have much of a type, it doesn’t matter if you’re an ex, someone he just met, a co-worker, a friend’s wife, 20 years younger, 20 years older (gross), skinny, obese, short, tall, blonde, or brunette. Py is py to this guy. And he goes raw, so you have to worry about contracting STD’s and c*p if you’re in a relationship with this one. He’s gross, a manipulator, pathological liar, and abuser. The extra girls in his life create drama for his current girlfriends, a few are quite crazy. Save yourself the drama and bullshit, run in the opposite direction if this one asks you out for a drink, tries to be your friend, or anything else.

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