Laura Mealey — Collegedale, Tennessee

This woman has been s******g my man. She knows that we are/were in a committed relationship and that he has been a dad to my child. He told her it was over and she keeps trying. In her own words she was married for 25 years and ended up divorced after she was having an affair for 9 months. She works for a contract company at VW and so does he and she keeps trying to get him. Well if he wants her good riddance to both of them.

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  1. Your man bragged to her that he was hung like a medium sized dog and started all this s**t. she didnt go after him he went after her. hes no d**n good and she figured that out when her dog was bigger than he was. she want you to keep him chained up at home, hes a strayin again. and lying about his bone

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