Keri Stafford (Byrd) — Clarksville, Tennessee

Beware! Here’s the chick who ruins families! Instead of going out to find a decent man, Keri Stafford had to sleep with my now ex-husband! Guess it’s true what they say… the husband always cheats with someone easy! Too bad he’s only using her for BAH and to get out of the barracks!

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  1. Keri knows how to get them out of the barracks. She jogs by slowly early mornings, never breaking a sweat. If she sees a sucker/soldier she will often fake a sprain to see if they will dash to her assistance. SHe’s almost grinning in her fake grimace of pain when they rush to help her up, knowing they are going to help her up in more ways than one, it works most of the time and she gets weekends off to have dates with them. They get it from uncle sam she reasons and give it to her to keep her in new jogging equipment, car payments, rent and more. She’s hoping to fall for a general real soon.

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