Kelsey Finn — Nettleton, Mississippi

This girl is married with her own man. Says he abuses her so she comes all pitty to my man and sends him pictures of her b*****s. He sent a picture back I just want to put her on blast and teach her a lesson her husband is Steven finn I’ve been trying to find a way to contact him to show him what is “faithful” wife is up to.

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  1. Kelsey said it was just a joke because she thought he was a cheater and just wanted to show you she could be a good friend and gather evidence about your man. He bit on the first t*t shot, she didn’t even have to show him her puss. If he still didn’t bite, she was going to shave it and make it wet. She would be a good P.I. I still think I’d find a new friend.

  2. This girl trouble ladies best be watching they man around her she be going after any man who wear a belt and be willing to buy her sorry a*s a bottle of beer.

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