Kelly Mountjoy — Chattanooga, Tennessee

Kelly Mountjoy works with my husband and purposely sought him out because he was married. She told him she wanted a married man because there isn’t drama. I’m not sure what planet she is from but sleeping with a married man with 3 kids is only asking for drama. I received anonymous Facebook messages telling me about his affairs and they specifically named dropped her. I found her on his Facebook and reached out to her. She acted like my friend and was all buddy buddy to me. My husband finally admitted to me about her and how he literally vomited after sleeping with her because she was so disgusting. She still works at the Volkswagen plant in Chattanooga, TN if anyone wants a free woman. What a deal!

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  1. All womans should be free “John”, if you payin for yours, you could be subject to arrest. That s**t be against the law, Bro. It’s not really clear if it counts when you’re only toying with them, using a cigar, for example. Definitions for “if” and “it” etc. are a little fuzzy around the ears of logic. Clarity will reconvene, ensue, eclipse, but most likely be subject to taxation.

    the use of jane and sis just didn’t fit my sense of humor this morning, sue me b***h!

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