Kayla Perkins – Georgetown, Kentucky

Met this train wreck out of Georgetown, Kentucky. She’s an actress, model, and singer with career aspirations in floozy as her side hustle. We had an amazing first meeting and even got to take the cookie after our first date, BONUS. Kayla Perkins thinks just like a guy, if shes amazing she wont be easy, and if shes easy she wont be amazing… She gave me a couple DRDs and one of them will help me remember her forever. The gift that keeps giving… So, thank you Kayla Perkins. This is a warning to all Kentucky boys and girls BE more CAREFUL than me! Relationships may come and go, but drds is forever!

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  1. The girls basketball coach started this rumor after I wouldn’t show him my b*****s. I can’t believe someone can get on here and post lies like this, all while remaining anonymous.!I’m going to have to lawyer up if this s**t isn’t taken down. Its not right and especially true when I didn’t do what this creep is saying I did. I’m thinking of putting his name on this site just so other girls will know who the creep is and warn them to stay far away. I already spoke to a school counselor and will let everyone know how it turns out.

  2. What part did you like best about her? The actress, model or singer? I like the dimples and would ask you for the number but after i google drd and you can keep her bro. I t said that s**t don’t go away and you can give it to your girlfriend. My girl would kill me if I give her something like that. The pictures look real nasty and I show my girl and she say that you don’t see them sores when you f*****g with the lights down low. I never hear of that s**t and happy you told me about all to look out for with that girl in the picture. Sorry you got that bro

  3. Something about this girl look scary, like someone who rob me behind the store at night. Same kind of stupid smile after she rob my wallet and pipe tobacco. I might send her picture to police and have them open the case back up. Beware ya’ll it sure look like the robber to me.

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