Karisa Carter – Shoreline, Washington

This b***h slept with my husband while I was in the hospital, after I got a uterine infection from giving birth to our son a week earlier. She knows he has a drinking problem and is in recovery, but when stress hit him and he relapsed, stole my car and went to her house, she f*cked him instead of sobering him up and sending him back to me. This girl is the fugliest, skankiest of skanks there is! She continued to talk to my husband and demand answers when she’s the one who took advantage of him while he was blacked out!!

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  1. He druuunk agin
    com pik his a*s up at bar
    he got you car an
    u gots his did=sease
    don worry
    he good ddrivrer except
    when blackened out
    dont worry he
    drive kid to doctor

    sober up b***h!

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