Justin R Wilson — Indianapolis, Indiana

This is a man who enjoys having multiple girl friends at one time. He claims to be faithful all while living the life of a single guy when he chooses. He has serious girl friends as well as one night stands and “friends” that he sleeps with. He is a firefighter, 24 hour shifts and a continuous changing schedule makes this life very possible. I spent 5 years as his “ girl friend” all the while he claimed he was faithful and that he loved me. It was all lies. He was sleeping with multiple women and he even had another girl he would sometimes take to family gatherings! At times he would see multiple girls on the same day. This man lies, cheats, manipulates…. and will even involve your children. STAY AWAY. He is not a good person. He will tell you…. you are special…. cheat on you…. break your heart…. and then never look back….just for fun and because he can. He completely disrespects and looks down on all women… to him they are only to be used and abused. STAY AWAY.

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  1. Justin teaches pole sliding classes by invitation only. It’s by invite only and limited to women and men healthy enough to have s*x. I you’re not sure, please check with your doctor before making an appointment since no refunds are given. Classes run like clockwork and poles have to be greased on regular maintenance intervals, usually 2-3 times per day. To check his calendar contact one of his girls. They all know his schedule.
    This course has been described as B***S TO THE WALL FUN by many woman of Indianapolis and beyond.
    Thanks and happy sliding to all.

  2. He says a lot of firefighters like to grease their poles on those 24-hour shifts. Makes sliding an effortless task but sometimes they cant stop on a dime and things go splatt. But, when in the firehouse, a mans gotta do what he has to do.

  3. Justin got a stretched out hose, Mary stretched it and Tammy stretched it and Larry stretched it and now its pencil thin and kinks up every time he tries to rewind it. He will keep stretching it till he can wear it around his neck like a dirty d**k necklace. Change his name to Justine and start dancing around the pole in his thong. Somebody put this boys fire out before he thinks he can get away with arson.

  4. Justin has a new girlfriend, she’s bi-racial and just a tad bit taller than him, what the h**l is she doing with him!? doesn’t she know he’s already taken! Apparently he didn’t mention it to her.

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