Judy Fruth — Red Bud, Illinois

When it come’s to Judy Fruth professionalism it begins with all kinds of s*x or fast b*****b. Judy Fruth is the biggest piece of s**t in the history of all tramps to ever walk the streets, This old s**t is bold and very nasty and brought another black man into her husband bed and screwed by her ex. John P Long is her husband. She gagged and, having multiple things inserted into her holes, being treated like the nasty s**t she is and wants to be. The worst thing is, when she got caught stuffed, and foaming at the mouth, she went berserk and made her partner leave and even threatened to lie and make s**t up to have her way and finish her session. She’s throaty, husky and man-like, very scary and with the mind of a narcissist who just wants her way, unless she’s tied up at the moment, begging for more toys. I’m thinking she might be the biggest and second biggest piece of s**t in Red Bud, Illinois. I wonder what she would look like without a strap-on stuck in her and with t**s, a personality that didn’t border on symptoms of psychosis?

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