Joseph Dell, Atlanta Georgia 770-630-1760

My name is Joseph and I have a wife named Andrea (just Google our love story) and several side pieces in Georgia and Arizona. It affords me the autonomy of skirting around as much as possible without getting caught.I will come across charming and humble as possible so that you don’t right away see through the fact that I’m really just a narcissistic phony with self esteem issues. I love to prey on intelligent and empathetic women, those are the cream of the crop if I can manage to manipulate those kind. If you are unlucky enough to fall for my bullshit and continue sticking around for the mere bread crumbs I’ll occasionally toss your way…be sure you make me use protection. I have a bad habit of engaging in risky sexual behaviors and you will just be one of many intimate partners.

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  1. Jo-Jo sticks his diseased d**k into any girl who hasn’t yet Googled his name and is dumb enough to fall for his sales pitch. His wife turns a blind eye to it all because she’s just as narcissistic and full of s**t as he is. Apparently it works for their relationship. The couple that cheat and swing together, stay together lol!

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