Johnell Raly — Ocean Springs, Mississippi

OMG! This fat w***e that smells like cat fish use to own a smoke shop around here to quit smoking, and would greet you walking in with a cigarette small town joke type of place. The b***h use to hook up with my friend he was a mechanic, and one day I walked in and she had on a strap on and was f**king him while another guy was watching. I knew her boyfriend Mark Hall, I went to tell him, and I couldn’t, never went back to that store. Man she was a fat b***h too, he was a good man. Since my wife has been f**king around on me, I feel guilty for not telling him. H**l the whole town knew she cried he wouldn’t f**k her and begged for it from everyone.

She was too nasty to f**k, but d**n! That’s the man she was cheating on she offered me a b******b one time, but she has an adult retarded b***h in the store that day, and I was freaked out. The b***h posted this two days after offering me oral, she did give d**n good head.

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  1. Someone tell Johnell Raly from Ocean Springs, Mississippi that he has a friend trying to reach out and let him know what’s going on behind his back! Do it now, nip this s**t in the bud before it reaches a climax and he doesn’t get invited to the party. He won’t believe you, anyway, but someday he’ll thank you. Don’t hold your breath, but someday. Right now he’s getting some good ahead, according to poster who sampled her work in that area.

  2. Sound’s like bull s**t. She’s f****d up, for a long time. Now the truth is gonna come out and the truth will always come out in the end when the bullshit hits the road and gets run over and smashed to h**l and back. It’ just a terd.

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