Jessica Kunkel — Tullahoma, Tennessee

Watch out ladies, Jessica Kunkel goes after what she wants no matter the cost. She is a Home Wrecker through and through. She portrays the loving single mother, but she uses her oldest as a babysitter to make sure she she has a good time. Don’t trust your kids around her because she has no values or morals to teach. First priority in her life is having a man no matter who she hurts along the way.

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  1. I can see why you lost your man to this woman.
    It probably went something like this:
    they slow dance to banjo music (think Deliverance theme song), the tempo builds, a light perspiration finds them ordering another round and doing shots from each others belly buttons, he sees the map inked on her skin with more clarity, follows the trail…
    “””””””NOTELL MOTEL”””””””””
    they check in….
    no worrys
    kids are with babysitter

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