Jessica Butta – Baltimore, Maryland

The lady imagined here is a standout amongst the most phoniest, counterfeit individuals you would ever meet. Her name is Jessica Butta and she is additionally extremely misleading and scheming and a slore. She works at Johns Hopkins Bayview in Baltimore. She is a known supremacist and wants to utilize the N-word. She is known to have declined to treat a few dark patients. She as of late went to Haiti however just went there on the grounds that Johns Hopkins asked for her to do it. After coming back from Haiti one of my dearest companions said that she revealed to him that quote “Happy to be back that monkey nation”, alluding to Haiti. She is a known slore and has known to have laid down with Nino Sylvia, Paul Imperatore, Wayne Craig, Chris Day, King Rich, Fabio Brankovic, Andres Orrillo, and Anil Prashar. In the previous years has syphilis and drds it was known to contaminate more than 20 men. She has an extremely misleading identity. At twelve years old she mercilessly beat two African American children with a slugging stick. One was in a state of insensibility for 25 days. She laid down with her closest companion, Brianna Leland sweetheart despite her good faith in 2015. She is a gold digger has supposedly been restricted from some top of the line places Baltimore for attempting to approach rich men for cash. She is at present dating someone yet is utilizing him for his cash. Every last bit of her excursions are supported by sugar daddies. Avoid this phony stealing, deceptive lady.

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  1. When I lived on a boat, one summer, I invited Jessica out for brunch – for a cup of coffee and a bagel near the marina. We had run into each other there and on the docks several times and she seemed friendly and open for conversation. within five minutes she was referring to the Columbian baker as a Drug Lord and said these foreigners come to this country and get loans for a business and Americans can’t get the same. She didn’t foam at the mouth but she was visibly zealous and passionate in her stereotyping. We still say hi but I don’t think we click.

  2. The Baltimore B***h is back! This Butta face is on the prowl for rich d**k. She sucks for money. She doesn’t care if your cheating on your wife or husband or pet, she wants to engage in kinky s*x for money. It’s all about the dead presidents with this thieving lying w***e who sucks and f***s for money in and around Baltimore.

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