Jennifer Maupin Anderson – St. Louis, Missouri

She’s just crazy by nature!! I had to block her because she wouldn’t stop calling me, but when i met her she was at Harrahs in Illinois and I literally had her in my room within 20 mins of meeting her! Then she got obsessed and iI was like peace out ✌️, we mostly talked on the phone and texted, I went there once and she was here twice, but never again! Lol.

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  1. Jennifer is cute and such a cutup. People think she’s easy when she’s just being friendly. Sitting by the pool one day, she was laughing an older womans’ reaction to her toe ring. The little old lady had never seen one before and this cracked Jennifer up and her laughter got the lady giggling , especially when she suggested the lady might want to ge her very own toe ring.
    Another time she babysat for her niece and they dyed their hair green for St. Patricks’ Day. The little one loved it but sis/mom got a little angry since she wasn’t consulted beforehand. They all knew it would grow out eventually.
    She’s only been in Harrah’s once, when she was interviewing to be a pit boss.

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