Jenni Lee — Clarksville, Tennessee

Jenni Lee who happens to be an adult actress, female adult performer, and a female adult entertainer is a seriously evil and also a despicably wicked racist bigot whose skin color racism, discrimination, and prejudice is directly targeted towards African-American men or Black men in particular whose skin color she hates with an extreme amount of racist venom and racist hatred which even has hindered and prevented her from having a serious intimate relationship with these African-American men or Black men also as well. Due to this Jenni Lee must be exceptionally and greatly blacklisted, denounced, and strongly condemned for being the ugly-hearted, cold-hearted, vindictive, malice-filled, vicious, atrocious, and disgusting bigoted sicko she most certainly indeed is. According to one place Jenni Lee also comes from the state of Tennessee and she has other names such as Stephanie Sadorra, Jenny Lee, and FTV Jenny.

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  1. This girl used to go by a different name. She dated Keith Urban and lived in Australia for awhile and Hollywood, CA. When it was discovered she was really an American, she dumped his a*s and moved back to TN. Now she works in Hooters where she encountered a rude black man who thought she was an escort he knew from before. When she rejected his advances, he got angry and threatened to list her on websites as a racist. Everyone knows she has a black friend that works at McDonalds’ and they go out dancing every now and again. Obviously this angry man is just starting c**p and thinks all white women believe the lie about how large black men claim to be. Maybe one in a thousand but the others are on the smaller side and seem to be rather arrogantly confused on many concepts, such as driving a car instead of taking the bus!

  2. Jenni Lee has been in lots of films and is supposed to have a scene with two young blacks who are hung like ponies. She wants to put all this racist s**t behind her and start getting some nice tattoo work done. She likes getting pricked and the tingle makes her want to do more movies. She’s like to shoot one or two a day and have Mondays off to get pricked and shop for designer ink, hats and sandals. Nashville has better stores than Clarksville and she likes to stay in Tennessee. Not really an Amazon shopper, but every now and then she will see what kind of ink is on sale.

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