Jenna Pace — Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Is a low-life Jew b***h from Philadelphia, PA. She tries to be a posh-snob, who hasn’t done s**t with her life, but be a low-life scum. Lives with her grand mother, whom she is waiting to die. So she can spend her inheritance on drugs and sloring. She boasts about being a meth user. A major junkie who aspires to be just like her mother, a drug addict. Her favorite hobby is fitting multiple Russian c0cks down her throat and definitely has a smelly cvnt. She’s laiden with multiple DRD’s. Her dad is a disgusting lard, who owns an automotive shop on Wakeling St. in Philly, who is a total scam, dupes people out of their money. Jenna has major daddy issues, because her father would rather disown her, for shaming their family. She’s just a dirty Jew, who craves attention and deserves a post on this website. She looks down on people, but can not really say much about her self. Her distasteful character needs to put in broad daylight for everybody to see. A soulless piece of s**t, with disgusting personality, and nothing more than a pathetic loser.

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  1. Mazeltov, you hateful fleabag mongrel.
    Jenna is a posh-snob whose family originates from Long Island. Her old neighbor, Stephen Spielberg used to spoil her with miniature ponies when she was still just a tween child. Moving to Philadelphia was the beginning of the end for the family. First, her father ran off to Hollywood and then, as a nineteen year old, she was invited onto the Howard Stern Show. And everyone remembers what a disaster that turned out to be. Her mother started drinking Pink Ladies hoping that the color would help disguise the shame and embarrassment that shone on her delicate face, making it glow rosy and shiny-like. The old neighbors were talking and Stephen would no longer return her calls. The kid used to be cute, but the mother was a yenta, and was to be ignored and forgotten. Poor Jenna was adrift and left to her own experiential devices. She never wanted all this attention, it just seems to cling to her. She still speaks highly of her relationship with the poster of this complaint, she feels she tried hard but things just went tilt. T.V. is now on her radar and she’s thinking of putting this whole experience behind her and moving to New York.

  2. Good luck in New York, Jenna. Your namesake Jenna Jameson on the west coast made quite the name for herself. May your talent be revealed in the Big apple. You could be the east coast sweetheart if things unfold in your favor. Just let your talent be your guide and you know: what happens in New York stays in New York!

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