Janice Marie Crespo — Houston, Texas

Janice cheated on me for 2 years. The only way I could get her to confess was to let her know I had proof this time. I borrowed a GPS device and saw on Sept 5 she went to the house and spent 2 hrs there and then went to Starbucks up the street for an hour. She said all they did was go to Starbucks in his car, but you don’t spend 3 hrs just talking with an ex-lover/affair. Plus, you don’t go to Starbucks for 2 hrs then go to Starbucks again for an hr. She visited him in MY CAR! A new low for both of them. This woman does not care about the consequences of her actions, as long as she doesn’t get caught. She is an asylum officer with the government in Houston, TX. Beware of this woman!

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