James Buckman — Fort Campbell, Kentucky

He is manipulative, mentally and physically abusive, and has some gay tendencies. This is my ex~husband. He’s in the US Army down in Ft. Campbell, KY but he’s from Louisville, KY. After we got married he became very controlling, and abusive. I was not even allowed to have my car keys, cell phone or friends. He is a pathological liar and cares for nothing other than himself. He’s also a cheater and always has other girls and guys on the side, that he meets on dating sites. He uses the names ‘jamesbuckman1’ ‘thepunisher’ ‘miracleboy327’ and ‘jbuckman19’. I found out about his gay tendencies while he was in Iraq. I actually found a video in his car of a dude sucking him off. If anyone is with him right now, dump him. I can guarantee you’re not the only one.

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