Jacqui Foley (Mariner) — Spring Hill, Tennessee

Jacqui Foley (Mariner) from Texas now lives in Spring Hill, Tennessee, is a stalker and a bully. Do not believe her when she’s trying to be your friend. She claims that everyone else is destroying her marriage when she’s been going to marriage counseling for who knows how long. I am a single mom and she’s bullying me for her failing marriage when I had nothing to do with it. She sent this to my email, please note I never asked about her children nor husband, when I spoke with her husband he was my friend and he would tell me about his issues and I would try and give an advice to the best of my knowledge, I will tell him that he needed to speak with his wife, not sure what she meant about the criminal/deportable. YOU give females a bad name you home wrecker. GET TF OUT OF MY LIFE! I know Your superior. I have someone who can support me financially, don’t think you can say the same. Don’t f with me or your life is done. PERIOD.

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  1. That cap is a well-known symbol for a gang in Texas called The Pistol English Biatches!
    Don’t mess with them or they will attack you with fingernails and hairbrushes and curling irons. If you really get them going, they may even resort to name calling and finger wagging and pointing at you with stern glances. For their initiation it’s said that they have to streak past the police station to show their defiance and strike fear into the hearts of townsfolks everywhere. Their numbers are growing and can now be spotted in 2 or 3 different states. The threat is imminent!

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