Heidi Rushforth Confession I have stds and can be paid to cover-up rapes. I’m sorry

Heidi Rushforth Confession I have stds and can be paid to cover-up rapes. I’m sorry

My name is Heidi Berg Rushforth I gave David Lex Chylamedia and Micoplasma hominus when I let him and his friend Antonio Ondrus screw me anally. David Lex then raped a woman who contracted my stds and Sherri Lex tried to buy my silence amd pay me to lie. I later learned that they committed more crimes to destroy this womans life and silence her. Sherri never paid up. I Heidi Leighanne Berg Rushforth ask Orange County Sheriff to contact me and get the medical records and messages between myself and David Lex proving Sherri Lex and David Lex lied and committed more crimes trying to do the same. as a woman I can no longer live with what Ive done. I want to kill myself and the woman because her friends blasted me on the internet for what I did. @halloumi_heidi on Instagram. I am trying to be a better person and tell the truth. All can be verified by my medical records and messages with David Bradley Lex and Antonio Ondrus. I am sorry to the woman David Lex raped who got my diseases. I just have a lot of problems. DEPUTY DAVID GOMEZ OF RANCHO SANTA MARGARITA can call me and maybe get a little 🍑. I confess to having knowledge of crimes committed by David Lex and his family so do many others. That girl didn’t deserve it. Rape is wrong! The picture attached is me after giving David and AJ a bunch of STDs. And a few other men and women I feel bad about the married ones too. I’m working on getting treatment for all my addictions.

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