Harry Dixon – Kansas, Missouri

He doesn’t have a license, a job, or a car from getting a DUI from going to get boned in the a*s. He runs a huge drug business out of his 300 square foot apartment. And he keeps it all in the cabinets above his three foot counter top, and in two boxes that he likes to consider a “safe.” He gets so obliterated that drool usually starts running down his chin. He likes to fall asleep at bars and go home with random P4Ps, who he likes to believe are “bad b*ches” because they have two jobs: floozying and bartending. He makes drug runs across state and then has to hire someone to drive him back because he can’t drive. A degenerate? Yes. He likes to tell stories of how girls call him and say he gave them DRD and then he got tested and didn’t have it. Lmao. Point here… I suppose that is a job and hiding from the cops. The FDA Regulatory Affairs will probably be on to him soon. …….stays in his small headquarters all day with his blackout curtains staring deep into the large drug craters on his face. They are so big in fact I think small aliens live in them. I swear one time I saw one move.” (Quoted by repeat offender Charlesie Heitzman’s comments) Harry’s Hobbies: Deceives and date rapes women. Takes innocent lives from innocent people by spreading his DRDs not only with the women he date rapes but also swingers at swinger parties. Knocked up a poor innocent minor aged victim after drugging her. Clearly neglects the innocent child as well. Banned from KC Power&Light District.for the interest of the community this degenerate needs to stop ruining innocent lives by spreading his DRD.

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  1. i used to be friends with Harry Dixon but he started acting really strange and needy when he lost his license again
    he always needs a ride but is constantly looking around like he might be followed and seems really paranoid lately
    he cuts the coke a lot before he sells it and is starting to lose customers that hes had for several years
    his friends are mostly addiccts and swingers hes met over the years from f*****g their girlfriends and selling them blow
    the rason were no longer friends is because of his neediness and he started coming on to me and hinted that he would supply the drugs
    the orgies at his apartment are sometimes just threesomes because of no shows and people who expect good coke if their speending good money

  2. ruins innocent lives by spreading his DRD’s
    gets boned in the a*s
    rapes women
    does lots of cocaine
    has no license
    hides from cops
    hides from FDA Regulatory Affairs
    is a degenerate
    has large drug craters on his face
    Knocked up a poor innocent minor after drugging her
    He makes drug runs

    I’ve got his number if you want to buy dope or get DRD

  3. Harry calls them bad b*****s and they like that better than being called whores. They hang out and party with him because there’s usually other guys to f**k and Harry is known for tipping especially if you bring a guy with you, says he wants more guys at his parties too many girls now, and he’s paying. Think he stole some money fro a dead person.

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