Erin Lord — Fort Worth, Texas

Erin Lord doesn’t mean to steal husbands but the men stick around once they find out she trades a little s*x for a lot of weed. Her mother notices the weight loss and wants to know mom’s secret. Once baby a little older everything will become clear and she can follow in her mom’s footsteps, become a little scammer and w***e trader or a s**t to the freaks right here in Fort Worth, Texas. It may have been cute to hoe around in high school, but it’s not cute as an adult and at that a single mother. This hair stylist doesn’t care about what is morally right, she just cares about what she wants. She will pursue and initiate sexual acts with your husband or boyfriend and not think twice. Sad when she’s raising a man herself, that she would be the one tempting and causing good men to stumble. Relationships are hard enough without insecure, cheap women like this trying to step in. Get your own man!

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