Dwayne Belt – Valparaiso Indiana

This a*****e will lure you in and pretend to want a serious relationship….he will then get in your pants and act as though you dont exist the NEXT DAY and he talks about all of his exes like they were the ones cheating but hes a huge liar and cheater once he sleeps with you all the bs and lies he says about being in love with you he will then take you out to “talk” beware its his way of breaking things off yet trying to remain friends hes full if s**t and hes known all around Indiana for being garbage huge patholigical liar and spreads std’s gross a*****e!!! Steer clear ladies!

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  1. He can count on one hand the number of women he’s conned with his charm and counting ability. He’s just looking into the future with the other hand, wondering how high the count will go, wondering at the intelligence of the women he dates

  2. Dwayne likes to f**k em and forget em. He really likes notching his belt and bragging to his boys. He wants to impress the boys more than the girls, he craves attention from men and will cheat on them just to f**k a b***h and make up stories with them right away, he can’t help himself, he likes their testosterone.

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