Debbie Aslinger — Knoxville,Tennessee

She pretends to be a single mom or says her and her husband are seperated. She adds you on facebook then after several short conversations she asks to meet up. S*x on the first date she has 5 kids an states tbat her husband misstreates her kids an beats her an treats her poorly. Infact he really treats her good the entire time she was seeing me he was giving her gas an fixing her car all the time she was lieing to hims saying she was different places other than that with me. Watch out for her guys she is no good an a very good liar. She also sends alot of nudes so check your mans phone ladies…

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  1. I;m still trying to figure out how she got my phone number. I don’t know this woman and I’m in a 4-yr. relationship, no problems. We don’t even live in the same state.
    Can’t figure it out.

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