David Polito – Archbald, Pennsylvania

This piece of s**t uses girls ! He is currently engaged to this amazing girl and all of a sudden hes on dating sites and snapchatting girls . Me being one of them. Begging me to have s*x with him, lying saying he doesnt live with her anymore. Shows up at my work which is right around the corner from her house. Talking about how bad she is when all she does is work two jobs to pay his bills and hers . What he didnt realize is that I knew his fiance and I had her on Snapchat as well. Also messaging other girls on dating sites and snap chat begging them to come to her house while she was at work to have s*x . His Fiance does not deserve the lies and deceipt, especially since her two little girls look up to him as “daddy”. They are going on 2 years in their relationship. This piece of s**t is just the lowest of lowest that ive ever met. I hope she leaves him and only then will he realize that he just lost the best girl for him.

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