David Miller — Charlotte, North Carolina

Womanizer abuser cheater liar that’s all I can say my ex-boyfriend is good for is being a womanizer in an abuser and a liar and a cheater that was all he was ever good as he couldn’t keep a job he couldn’t keep me happy he was too busy out here bumming off with these other women cheating on me with these other women while I was at work while I was putting food on the table I put money in his pockets I put food in his stomach not these other b*****s I mean they might have f****d more than me what does that even matter though?

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  1. david is a lying a*****e who told me he was single and then I found out he’s bi, he sleeps with c***s. He told me he thought he loved me the first time we 69ed and he acted like he knew how to suck d**k.

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