Darren Ambler- Sex & Drug addict- Prostitute- STD Infected- Abortions- Scum- Mistress Tissa- Liar- Cherry Hill- NJ:

Darren Ambler- sociopath- S*x & Drug Addict- Pathological Liar- STD Carrier- Demented- Responsible for Abortion- Engages in Graphic S*X- BONDAGE- GROUP S*X- MISTRESS TISSA-Bashes former Lovers- REFUSAL TO TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR HIS ACTIONS: Menace to Society and the world.

*****************************************************************************************************************A URL/ Article pertaining to Darren Ambler is cut and pasted below: First of all only a scum bag – piece of trash with a serious sexual addiction and drug habit would ever make an appointment with someone who fulfills your sexual fantasies: People like Darren Ambler that make appointments with basic street whores like this deserve everything they get. Can you imagine crawling into bed with this disease ridden immoral PIG of a slime ball. I am sure Darren has more Diseases and infections other than just Chylimidia.

YES- Darren Ambler should have lost his children many years ago: Yes- friends will abandon someone that engages in activities such as this….Who would want to be bothered with an immoral low life piece of garbage like this…Bottom line Darren Ambler is a two bit scum bag and everyone knows it. Darren Ambler was Megan’s boyfriend. So you can imagine the filth that the couple engaged in. No wonder Darren has diseases. His brain is diseased/ He should lose everything.

The Police know all about Mr. Ambler and his activities. Other law enforcement officials know all about Mr. Ambler (I am not mentioning who the other law officials are)–Darren Ambler is living on borrowed time not only his Physical and mental health but he will have to answer charges that he infected 10 women through careless S*X. Plus the Prostitution charge. Things take time and investigations take a while.


**Darren Ambler still has not grasped the concept that there are consequences for our actions…If you do bad things then you pay the price….if you allow a street w***e to perform gross -immoral sexual acts on your body then you catch diseases—–Darren is a PIG with no sense- no morality—-no sense of right vs wrong…..He is a gross waste and a danger to women and society as a whole. Darren is so brain damaged he is getting worse. Maybe a one way trip to Venus can be arranged.

Mistress Tissa gave me an STI and has destroyed my life and also my family. I’ve been doing BDSM sessions for over twenty years but I did have to take a two year break due to family issues.I was very excited to see this new Dominatrix in Philadelphia. The first big flag (should ran then) was when I contacted her on her website the only way to get a session was to PAY for the phone call to set up the session through Niteflirt. I should’ve passed right then as that seems a bit over the top for screening but she was nice on the phone and also promised that one of my kinks would be the best and most realistic I ever had. (pegging), All the other Mistresses I had contacted in Philly were busy and I was really itching for a session since it had been too long I arrive at her dungeon Temenos. She definitely doesn’t look nearly as inviting as her pictures and there was something really off about her but I couldn’t put my fingers on it. There was an odd odor and her eyes were bloodshot. There was no sexual energy about her at all and she seemed to be going through the motions. Even noticed her looking at the clock numerous times which really irked me as I felt rushed and frauded. There was some flogging, bondage and then she started “prepping” me for strap on. I had asked her to please go very gentle as it had been years since I had a strap on and that was not respected. I tried to endure it the best I could but not only was it painful and uncomfortable but something didn’t feel right at all. I chalked that up to my being out of the loop for that activity for a long time and called my safe word and ended the session This was the most horrifying experience ever and soon you will see why. Five days later my a*s felt like it was burning and itching and only got worse. I could lose my friends my children and my marriage could be over because of this.

The burning became unbearable and I made an appointment with my DR. I went in to see him and get testing done. Long story short, “Mistress” Tissa gave me Herpes II. That was NOT a strap on with a condom, she is a tran sexual and gave me an STI. I would NEVER had seen a Trans. I only like natural born real women, Not only was I deceived, ripped off and raped (by deceit) I AM NOW SICK. I now have a sickness that I will have for the rest of my life.

The saying is so true- if you play you will pay………………Sometimes you pay the rest of your life.

Darren Ambler is a total scum bag- liar- full of disease sociopath that thinks he fooled the world! Guess what!? The four eyed ugly creep fooled NO ONE BUT HIMSELF!

Darren is a prime example of someone that does not deserve to have children in his care. He can teach them nothing but immoral-corrupt- indecent- lying and evil behaviors. Children re taken away from incompetent parents every day in court…Wait until the Judge hears about all the sexual affairs- the foul language and the P*********y addiction————-Plus we can not forget the many sexual diseases and infection this idiot has….

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  1. This dude is the Creeper of all time. He looks like a Creeper Reject. He looks like he would stink. I mean he looks like his breath smells like “GARBAGE” and a few other stinky specimens. Catch the creeper—-throw him in JAIL___throw away the key!

  2. **Steps that must be Initiated:

    1). Have Child services remove the children from Darren’s custody IMMEDIATELY:
    2). Schedule Court Hearing (for competency and Parental evaluation):

    3). Remove Darren Ambler from society:

    4). Force Darren Ambler to get into a scalding hot Tub full of water and 1 Gallon x-tra strength Clorox- 1 Gallon Paint Thinner- 5 Cups of Liquid Plumber–Add Strict-nine as final ingredient: (Strict-nine is avail at select Industrial chemical companies):

    5). After one hour in Disinfectant Bath- remove infected Gross Body from Tub-Place in a pressured thermal capsule with heat set at 980 degrees fareignheight. This is to burn out additional sexual germs and disease.

    6). After 3 hours in Thermal Capsule- Remove his Gross body – ship him off to Rockhaven Mental Hospital (for 4 months) Observation- Drug withdraw- Shock therapy 3x a day for 90 days. 3500 mgs of Lithium per day- Stelazine Capsule’s one 4x per day with meals-Intensive psychotherapy.

    7). Castration Surgery (will be very quick- not much to castrate)..Will reduce Darren’s sick urges and perversions. Followed by a complete Brain Labotamy.

    8). Once healed Darren goes off to JAIL to serve his time. (Prostitution- Jail time) (Spreading his dirty STD;- Herpes to unsuspecting women (11 to be exact):

  3. I would not worry about my a*s burning if I were Darren. Believe me- He will feel more than just his skinny a*s burning where he is eventually going. In H**L everything Burns Baby! You Burn 24/7 for ever and ever..never any relief. The Lord promised he would punish the wicked and the evil. Darren is absolutely wicked and evil. Scripture makes no bones about it when it says Sexual sins- L**t- Sins of the flesh are Grave and Serious sins. Sins of this nature will land a person in H**L. Plus- the adultery and fornication Darren committed are more sins he committed. Coveting thy neighbors wife is another BIG TIME sin. Darren Ambler may be mentally deranged but he has also broken nearly every commandment and laws of G*D.

    Darren needs to prepare himself for an Eternity of severe A*s Burning- severe Total body and mind burning right next to his role model LUCIFER. The two will get along beautifully. Darren better remember once he is in H**L there is no way out. But Darren placed himself in H**L through his actions while on earth. Sexual sins are destructive in many ways that is why G*D condemns those whom commit them.

    Maybe Darren’s H**L on earth has already begun with his Internal Bodily organs rotting away and releasing a toxic and unbearable stench. From what I have read on line- each time Darren opens his dirty mouth to exhale or breathe the smelly garbage toxins escape into the atmosphere. These toxins may be harming the ozone and/or environment. This could bring about health problems for others. Time will tell.

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