Danja Yates — Clarksville, Tennessee

I was 10 weeks pregnant when my husband was going through some issues due to his PTSD. This hoe name Danja Yates from Clarksville, TN decides to seduce my husband (his fault too, but according to him she hit on him). This all happened in February. In March I told this hoe’s friend that I was still intimate with my husband and I am PREGNANT! She is still having s*x with him UNPROTECTED! In April I find her in my house cooking him pork chops. I went off and she left. I threw the pork chops in the trash. In May she is still running around with my husband KNOWING he is married, has kids, I live with him, we are still married and have a baby on the way. In June he and I reconciled and this stupid woman sends me a text telling me to ask him how her pu**y taste and felt. Meanwhile he is telling me “I am not with her. I am here with you”. In August, September, and October she is still meeting up with my husband. I found messages in his email where she tells him she wants to suck his d*** and for him to c*m in her mouth. Apparently she is looking for a baby daddy because she needs someone to play daddy to her kid. Now, according to my husband, she is on another guy’s d***. Watch your husbands. This one doesnt care if you are pregnant, married, have kids… it doesnt matter. My husband had a wedding band on when she started hitting on him. She is a straight up slore and will screw your husband and boast so proudly. She changed her Facebook profile to Track Ranandrun after I discovered who she was.

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