Crystal Spiegel – Auburn, Washington

This chick thinks shes bad AF! She will f**k any black man she can get attention from! She thinks shes hard and can fight! Shes a weak b***h! Straight ghetto hood rat! She uses the State for food stamps and cash lives in her section 8 apartment thinking her life is made! She works part time at a mall and other half trying to f**k ur man! No respect for herself or other women! Ratchet AF!! Made mistake being her friend until she f**ked my baby daddy! Fat, ugly stank! Also she still f**kin her kids dad but runs mouth how she hates him! But she’s suckin his d**k still! Run from this broke b***h! Dumb s**t!

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  1. She moved to Stockton, CA, said they to many haters in Auburn. She want me to write ya’ll and tell you look her up if’n you ever come to Stockton. She join gang an gettin inishiated now. Say she kick ya’ll haters a*s when u come see her. Stick yo a***s. An her man, LaShaun, f*k you boys a*s while she laughin in yo faces. She say com to the 95-202 an see what happen to ya’ll, i dares ya!
    we bad in the 202, don forget that s**t
    drop on over an see

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