Clerissa Patten – Vancouver BC

Clerissa Patten gave Chris Rapada and Cade Beugeling b******s under the condition that they attack her ex boyfriend. She basically prostituted herself for revenge. So they made a plan to invite her ex to a birthday gathering and fed him tequila until he was an incoherent mess. They took a bat and smashed his face in a few times. They took his unconscious body, threw it in the back of their truck, and then dumped him off in the hospital parking lot. He had to have reconstructive jaw surgeries. A few months pass and then the ex boyfriend is attacked again by two gang members who specifically mention Clerissa Patten while attacking the guy, and then she goes and f****d one of them like the disgusting used and abused little s**t that she is. And guess which one spends time crying about having PTSD? Yes! Her!!! The guy who had reconstructive surgery with his family by his side even tried to apologize to get her and her friends to leave him alone, but this f*****g degenerate freak didn’t want that. So she labelled HIM THE ABUSER, made up DISGUSTING LIES, and PRETENDED TO BE A VICTIM! She’s not anxious about the little traumas she’s made up out of thin air, she’s afraid her gun toting Trump loving ex will get revenge himself. What if he pops out of the corner to show them his new .380? Anyways, this girl has no soul. All of her depression posts are a facade, deep down she’s a f*****g monster, she never once showed ANY REMORSE for her actions, and I hope that she jumps off a f*****g skyscraper. You’ve cause more harm to me and family than anyone else before you. Good riddance you disgusting slag. Hope we don’t run into each other. I’d love to snap your friends neck

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