Chris Pelcher

Nurse, Bobbi Perry, and Chris Pelcher met when he was at the nursing home visiting his father. It wasn’t long before she planned on nursing Chris in private, after she got to know him from his visits with his dad. He wanted her to check his pulse and, soon thereafter, he stuck his thermometer in her cavity to measure the heat between her legs while cheating at the family cabin. He hit it and quit it, once, but that may have been enough. The doctor had to take a needle and stick it, treat him for a drd, which he had to hide from his wife. He got caught with a dirty d**k but, ironically, it may have been him who infected Bobbi. Chris is a piece of s**t who cheated on his wife for years with various and sundry whores. His d**k may never be clean again, it’s been used in a lot of dirty drains.

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