Chantal Claravall — Geneva, Switzerland

This woman works at WHO Geneva her name is Chantal Claravall = home weaker, can’t seem to stay away from married men!

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  1. That was me in jean jacket. She obviously cut me out of picture. We met when I flew to Geneva for a weekend on the slopes. She was skiing in a bikini which I’d only heard you could do in the sunny Alps. She had fallen and I offered her a hand up. She was quick to thank me and smiled very flirtatiously and said she would have to find a way to repay me. She ordered drinks once we were back in the lodge and was very touchy feely. I came back from restroom and saw her holding onto another guys arm as I paid tab and went back to my room. We had already changed numbers at her request and she texted me with picture and wondered where I had snuck off to. She had a great body and was Very friendly. I’m glad she cut me out of the picture before she passed it along to others.

  2. She used to work for the record company in Geneva and would visit Paris 3 or 4 times a year. Trade shows, talent scouting, boys, bars…ohhLaLa. The riots or civil unrest in Paris slowed her down abit and she hasn’t visited in over 6-months now. We miss her and hope she comes back soo to get her party on!
    You rock, Chantal !

  3. She’s trying real hard to be a good girl, says she’s dating a ski instructor but was seen with a doctor who’s married. Time for her checkup and he was making a room call.

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