Cat Chao 趙廣瑜 — California

趙廣瑜 LA AM KAZN1300 電台主持英文名 Cat Chao 求愛名醫遭拒 腦羞成怒 涉對名醫散布極多不實惡毒謠言 性騷擾及恐嚇威脅名醫性命挨告

全案會在 8/14/18 LA 高等法院開庭

1300電台台長已經與名醫在電台會見接受投訴 將對趙廣瑜惡劣不齒行為展開調查

趙廣瑜自認有精神疾病歷史 無法自控情緒 希望她盡快接受治療 早日康復

Cat Chao, KAZN hostess at KAZN AM1300 LA threatened local famed physician. He has filed a restraining and protective order against Cat Chao, court date is 8/14/18 at LA Superior Court

Sexual harassment complaint has also been filed at her place of employment KAZN 1300AM. Station manager has met with her victim and investigation has been initiated.

Cat Chao has self-admitted to have long time mental illness. Let’s all ask her to get treatment soon and get well.

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