Carson Jane Waterman – Berwick, Maine

This wrinkled face toothpick slept with a married man for over 10 months, while the wife was home taking care of their kid. After the wife found out about the affair, Carson harassed the wife all over social media calling her fat and saying she was “the side piece”. This woman has a daughter as well and is a terrible example for how a woman or mother should act. She’s currently a social worker and works for Maine DHS (child protective services). This woman is also known for sleeping with other married men and guys with girlfriends. She has zero respect for herself and will sleep with just about anyone.

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  1. Kwazy Wabbit,
    There are no wrinkles on this young womans’ face, you must be looking in the mirror as you type! Or it’s a very old photo? She may be and do a lot of things but there are no wrinkles showing in that picture of Carson. I looked harder since I think she’s attractive, and maybe the men you speak of see that same attraction, just saying!

  2. She can sleep with me and my wife. We have a big bed and I’ll join in or watch, it’s all good. My wife is a freak and sometimes hard to handle, she might just turn Carson into a lesbian. I’ve watched her f**k three girls at the same time and the moaning drove me crazy. She likes it when I watch or join in but sometimes the girls just like her. My wife gets turned on knowing I’m watching. Carson, are you interested? We’re in Derry, NH

  3. Everyone should get checked up for drd’s and std’s and buy rubbers by the case in all sizes. Spreadin that p***y and d**k around is like giving walking diseases a bicycle or motorcycle to cover more distance. Just say check me out Doc, I’ve been on a dirty road and need to see if anything bad got between the spokes. Then, run it through the carwash.

  4. Carson got the wife’s d**k and her toy wasn’t getting the job done. Time to call in an expert, a chick and Dale dancer. Make that two experts, one for me and one for the wife who got d**k-cheated by Carson. She can have the Dale dancer and I’ll take the chick.

  5. Carson is sort of lazy, content to be the side b***h rather than put in the work to meet someone she’s compatible with. Cheating is like stealing and she was never taught that that’s wrong.

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