Brooke Haugh — Charleston, West Virginia

S**t bunny, Brooke Haugh, hops from d**k to d**k looking for just the right carrot to plant in her nasty hole. Dumped by baby daddy after baby daddy, for all the hopping around she does, and overusing her stinky patch, pleasing other boy bunnies with bigger carrots, sometimes enjoying two and three carrots at a time – usually on some stained mattress in a nasty room where she feels like she’s flying – Brooke can’t say no to eating healthy and eating her carrots and looking good to all those boys. When she gets real high and there aren’t any carrots to peel with her teeth, Brooke likes to clean up for the next crop of rabbit carrots she’s going to hop on, she loves making baby bunnies almost as much as she likes getting high and thinking about it while her hand is testing the wet soiled hole where the rabbits come and grow and come and sow baby bunny seeds. Fences are good to keep strange rabbits out of holes and carrot patches. Buggs was a bunny, once, he loved him some silly Ho named Jessica who couldn’t say no and that’s how the story of Brooke started. Welcomed into the garden of breast feedin’

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