Betty McMiller — Wichita, Kansas

So I see a weird number in my husband’s phone, called it and it was this HOMEWRECKER, Betty McMiller. Asked her who she was and she said she didn’t know my husband, sounded believable so I gave her the benefit of the doubt but ended the phone call telling her IF there was something more to it that she needs to keep in mind he is married with 3 kids. Found out 3 months later they had been sleeping together the whole time and she knew about me. I found messages in his phone of her talking bad about me, asking him to divorce me and that she would help him take my kids and move somewhere new. When I confronted her the second time she laughed and thought it was funny and told me she knew about me the whole time and didn’t care. I dont put all the blame on her cuz its his fault too, but she knew so she is equally at fault. Then she had the nerve to discuss trying to take my kids from me when she doesnt even have her own. She aint nothing but an alcoholic who likes to sleep with married men because she cant get her own.

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  1. I gave Betty McMiller her first tattoo when she was 14. She made me promise not to tell her mom and said she would suck me for doinng her tat. I was fifteen and had done a few tattoos on some retarded twins who wanted there moms to see them because they knew she wouldn’t care. I told Betty I had done lots cause I wanted those lips on me. She unzipped her pants and wanted a name tattooed on her below the waist of her panties. I got three letters done with ashes and water and a pin before I had to have her do me. I busted quick and I didn’t want to finish tattoo. we were going to finish it next day. I got K E N done before we messed around. she wanted to check and see if there was 1 or 2 L’s in Kendall, the name of our histery teacher.

  2. Your husband is such a liar. I didn’t know him by the name you said. I know him as Syd, who said he used to do tats but since his equipment was stolen had to get other jobs. He bought me drinks in the club and kept commenting and then faulting my own tattoos which I don’t try and hide. He said he would have done this or that differently and offered to sketch something up for me. when I asked what he charged he winked and said it depends on where it’s going to go. I never pursued him, honey, he was chasing me.

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