Ann Switzer — Ogle County, Illinois

She is a homewrecker who is a state att. She helped a guilty male get away with things like DV and legally wrongly charged the real victim. She didnt get the full story of facts from the other person. She lies shes a faithful wife. She has broken up a family by lies legally to try to get the guy for herself. She made a abused women loose custody of her kid by false testimony from another so she can win another case. A year after she tried to get votes to be a judge. Thank g*d she didnt get picked and didnt get to become a judge. She doesnt deserve to become a judge. It would be wrong to give her that. She was completely ok with what she did to the real dv victim. She is sickening to me to trick other women like she defends the state when she was just completely ok defending a man who abused his girlfriend. The girlfriend brought past proof from medical professionals of the guys abuse and this woman then trumped up more charges about different crimes. Such as punishin the woman for that guy attacking his girlfriend in front of kid. Ann charged the real victim of endangerment since kid was there. How can she blame the women for being attacked that the kid was seeing part of it? The guy chose to attack the girlfriend. Why did he not havd to take any accountability charges? I was at the case. She is totally wrong as far as law and the legal system. I went to school for law and was a honors student. I know this lady is wrong. It is shocking she has audacity to make a real victim be punished and help a batterer get custody of a minor. She is purely disgusting. A disgrace to women and abused women and women who have fought to have freedom, protections, laws. This woman deserves treated abusively how the woman she punished for being abused by the guy did. This is a bad state att. No lie. So watch out for her. She is a homewrecker but in a legal way. So a dangerous homewrecker. She preys on abused women in the ogle county,il area and no she doesnt legally back down. She will keep after you and cause you to be emotionally and mentally abused by her in a legal manner. She belongs behind bars. As well as disbarred. She did homewreck a sons legal right to have his mom and that woman was not mentally ill from professionals. That poor boy deserves an apology from this Btch. She is a liar and no did not do what the law is nor get the right person. She is a rotten person. Hope she goes to one day. This homewrecker is a legal type homewrecker who trys to get your guy after. Shes not even a great mom. Her own kid is a criminal according to online court page in past. Shes a hypocrite as far as a mother and about law and crimes. She also made a real victim pay fines to the dv shelter that denied the women victim in prior years when that women had head to toe bruises broken bones from the guy. Shes a evil Bitch!!! Old hag cluck for real. She likes to destroy your reputation as a mother and disgusts me as far as a woman. Woman to woman she is a disgrace to our race. Just because she likes males to abuse females doesnt mean us females should put up with it. If ann wants to put up with that then go be beat you screwed up b. Hope someone dis bars her for more crimes as a state att. In that county. She has no shame the type of hurt she caused. Would love to see her one day behind bars. And take a photo of it. With her staying in it. She belongs there. Im one for whats right and all for the law. So ann broke it by things she did. Whos smooth now huh * ?! Gottcha haa smile you busted. Old hag cluck.

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