Andy Silva — Newport Beach, California

This guy is one of the worst fakes, dirt-bags and scammer to walk the planet. Makes plans, cancels last minute…will do this several times with BIG promises of a weekend getaway to make it up to you ….. then once you have booked time off work – at your own expense, just stand you up completely! In my case, he kept texting me me telling me to bring more clothes and jewelry for all of the fun places we were going to go, and while I was in work my car was broken into and I was robbed – ONLY car out of a full parking lot! Lost some of my mother’s jewelry, a ton of clothes, designer bags…. and did this same week week my mom passed away! What kind of horrible piece if sh*t does that??!! Is a construction guy and claims to have his own company, but checked into him more and the business license was revoked for failing to pay taxes. I’m out the money for time off work (I freelance so no paid days off) and completely devastated about losing my mom’s jewelry. Met him online dating – BEWARE!! Reported him to the company and to the police as well obviously. Trying to get the dating app to turn over the credit card info now used to set up his account so we can track down this piece of human garbage. Take care out there ladies! People like this make our lives horrible and dangerous. Honestly, so heartbroken don’t even want to live after this.

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