Alison Martha — Germantown, Maryland

In my lifetime, I’ve met some truly obscure individuals however there’s one individual specific that is as obscure, fake, scheming, beguiling and incredibly. This POS imagined here is Alison Jokie Martha. She lives in Germantown, Maryland and has a notoriety for being one of the greatest Slores that Germantown has ever observed. I know her from school when she went to the Germantown MC Campus (Montgomery College), and was slooting it up. She is known to have laid down with John Valtella, Chris Burrell, AKA Indovii, Darnell DeChalus, Ethan Hunt, to give some examples. She don’t need her mom to discover yet she additionally had mystery lesbian associations with Noel Softy, Dani Aronow, Dorian Briggs, and Kani Bassey. Interesting how she laid down with Dani yet it is hostile to Semitic and as a genuine solid disdain for Jewish individuals. She is Palestinian and her dad was a piece of the Palestinian development who participated in the slaughter of Jews in Israel in 1967. This lady is additionally extremely awful and disturbing she is known to have on numerous events put her menstrual blood when settling sustenance for her companions. She is a known liar and is known to have dishonestly blamed men for assault and making dangers towards her. In 2010 she dishonestly denounced Stephen Hill, AKA “Fabio” of making dangers towards her. She additionally erroneously charged another man, James Merriam, of undermining her as well. Alison Martha is one contemptible lady. She’s a scalawag too in this pitch photograph here with her canine she claims that her pooch was experiencing malignant growth it was endeavoring to set up a GoFundMe page to help get assets for her puppy’s treatment. The lady is likes to screw hounds also. It is affirmed that she may harm the pooch to death gradually as it was claimed, yet in all probability evident she may have ran a canine battling ring in some mystery put in DC. The FBI, CIA, and COINTELPRO ought to research this lady as she gloats about knowing psychological oppressors in the Palestinian development and has discussed joining ISIS. Avoid this malicious obscure lady.

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  1. Fabio made them threats when Alison threatened to expose him for secretly being in love with the real Fabio. He always had excuses about not wanting to do it and finally, enough is enough, Any woman can understand the need to be touched and loved. But not when the man is thinking about another man while he’s letting her run her hands through his hair! That’s just creepy and gives one the feeling of being used. Big house, nice car, everything manicured just so, and ther’es Fabio, snapping away with a selfie stick. Not bothering to get a real job and save some money for a real photographer. No wonder the flake dreams about REAL FABIO, he has a little change put away for things that romance boys need, like good hair conditioner and photography that matters.

  2. Alison has to love and cuddle with Bubba the dog, fake Fabio is looking in the mirror all the time. Bubba don’t complain though, she keeps him in biscuits and leftovers. And, he gets lots of lovin meant for the man in the mirror, fake Fabio.

  3. Alison likes to scam gofundme. She did one recently where she made it seem as if the dog was asking, asking for her, she wants a b**b job. She did get it started, a couple of dog lovers pitched in a little, she’s raised $3.84, so far. Some things take time and she’s hopeful. She figures if it takes until she’s 50, in a couple more years, she won’t have to worry about sagging, she’ll still be perky.

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