Alicia Brady — Johnson City, Tennessee

Alicia Brady goes by Alicia the queen or Alicia pretty eyes. She slept with my husband. She has different mens names tattooed on her body. She trys to have my friend buy her food every month cause her foodstamps run out and she gets over 900 in stamps how do u run out???? She has no job. She even tried to lie to my friend and tell him she needed a ride to a jail to see a cps worker. No child protective Services worker would meet at a jail about kids.

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  1. A closer look will reveal Alicia fondness for gypsy boys and Ukranians and one or two Saudi boys she met downtown. She stamps their name once they call her Queenie, all over her body. She recently got initiated into the Mouseketeer Gang after visiting Disneyworld with a Shieks son. She got two tats when she got back. One of them a set of little ears with flames all around but she doesn’t let many people see that one. She was accepted into the gang and got her and her shiek a discount on rides and half off the gate pass. He didn’t care about the money but she was so happy when he paid for a week at the motorlodge in Johnson City. She showed him her new tattoos!

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