Alecia Smith – Everett, Washington

Ok here is the real story. I met this girl thru my friend. It was his step sister. She chased me for a year wanting me to be her boyfriend. So finally i figuare i would give her a shot cause she was so persistant. So things were fine for about 3 months. Then one night when i was high on LSD she decided it would be a good time to tell me she wanted to break up. I asked her why (cause things were great) she told me it was because there wasn’t enough conflict in our relationship. nshe told me it wasn’t another guy. But mysteriously she got pregnant 2 weeks later. Well about 4 years had passed, when out of the blue she tells me that she thinks she still has feelings for me. So i decide maybe i’ll give it one more shot. But now she has a kid who isn’t mine. So i decided i’ll see if it will work. Not 3 weeks after we started seeing eachother again i find out that she was seeing an old boyfriend on the side that she didn’t think was wrong. She told me she didn’t think it was a big deal cause nothing was going on. Well if you know alecia one thing you can count on is that something is going on. This girl uses s*x as a cure for being sad. I know for a fact that since her and i have broken up (it’s been about a month) She has slept with at least 6 different guys. I found out that she f****d this one friend of hers that liked her. After she f****d him till he passed out she went into the next bedroom and f****d his buddy. Two days after that her roomate (my friend) walked into her apt. to find 3 complete strangers sitting in the living room. Alecis told jessica that all of them were going to stay the night. Well all i have to say is “Hey guys if you want an easy lay and just looking for a girl to treat like s**t then this girl is for you. Cause i gave her everything she wanted and treated her like a princess. Well needless to say this story has a happy ending. All of alecia’s friends are fed up with her whoring herself out and decided that none of them want to be friends with heranymore. Oh and as an ending note to add insult to injury….. This girl has a problem with keeping her s**t clean after sleeping around with hella guys… there is a oder that comes from it from time to time. And let me tell you this stink could clear out any room in a heartbeat. If you don’t beleive me just ask a few of her ex’s. When me and her ex’s get together we all can relate to that stench… Happy hoing

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  1. OK……….first off …why did you f*k a woman if her cootchie smells “that” bad Second…..stay off LSD and maybe you can find a “normal” girl.

  2. Give her more lsd, more kids, more p***y smells, more more more
    Alcohol goes well in any situation like this, as well, and smoke a few blunts…
    This is exactly what the world needs, more….
    Pretty soon there will be more retards in the world than rats and snakes
    Bone up boys, c*m in her hair, too, that will smell nice

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