Ai Nozaki — Japan

This b*tch Ai has been blowing so many guys on tinder dates, every weekend she will have a different c**k in her mouth. She prides herself for giving good bj even though we all know that’s ALL she can do. She is literally useless in every other regard except for her mouth. Hopefully someday something intelligent will come out of her mouth instead of another c**k going in her mouth!

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  1. Ai was working in chip factory but always aspired to be an entertainer. She finally made her move after saving money for two years to pay for dream trip to Florida and is now working at DizneyLand in California as a tech. She’s taking acting lessons and even had an audition for a part on The Big Bang sitcom before it was announced that the show was being canceled. It’s a good move and she has ambition so it might happen for her. Her English is surprisingly good since she’s studied for 6-years.

  2. cant u dum peeple see thats not a real japanese girl
    thats a friggin blo up doll
    shes paintted ta look japanese
    her lips realy open but she dont talk or nothin
    shes just a doll painted ta look real

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