Aaron Antoine — New Jersey

I regret every aspect of my former relationship with Aaron. He’s emotionally abusive, average (at best) in bed and intellectually unstimulating. I’ll grant, however, that there is something occasionally appealing about him. It took me months after he had cheated on me, given me a (luckily) curable disease and told me he’d “always been lying when I told you I loved you,” that I was finally able to really cut ties with him. Who knows – maybe he’ll change sometime – but I wouldn’t trust him any farther than I could throw him. And I’m not that strong. He’s got an ex-wife and a son who he has basically no contact with as well. I’m only mentioning it because he’s not likely to bring it up on his own and you’ll have to ask fairly specifically if you want to know. For anyone out there considering dating Aaron, s*x is a pretty big part of his relationships. He’s hung fairly poorly (and he’ll admit to it too), but he uses it reasonably well. He is extremely kinky – he’ll want a shaved, “little girl” in bed once you’re comfortable sleeping together. He’s also got a leotard fetish. He isn’t into pain or anything ‘dangerous’. Mostly, I’d say that he’s just a very insensitive and inconsiderate cheater. No remorse. No excuses. He just likes using women (and ladies, he’s not worth it!!!

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