Zoe Robson – Kingston, Canada

There’s always something hanging out of Zoe’s mouth. In this rare photo, she’s pictured without a d**k, stem or blunt stuck between her teeth, stopping her lies from spreading like the rush from her pipe. She’s heading to jail and her kids won’t miss her skanky, addicted excuse for a mother. They won’t be cheated out of anything, they’ll benefit from her absense.

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        1. Let’s be real here alex, you’re just pissy cause you’re f*****g nuts and you know wht this b***h did to you. Dont call her names cause you’re too stupid to get it through your head that the cow has her head on enough to use you and the d**k bags that open their legs to her.

    1. Dave was in jail when this was posted but tell them what we did to get him there. We tried to mind rap him, threaten him, we told everyone his a meth addict, that he’s serverly mentally ill. We called his work saying that he’s stalking you and he’s high on drugs,we hacked into his emails and phone so we can use your old photos of you trying to make him a s*x offender we Googled guns and used pictures of your slit wriste to his babys mom with photos of your drugs so he can’t never see his kids again. You lied to the cops about him. The stuff I helped you with to make him look that he’s the problem and still wouldn’t go out with me. Instead You had guys in and out of the apartment and the drugs and putting those boys at risk no wonder I can be your friend anymore. You both deserve to rot in jail.

  1. Dave I know this is you and this needs to stop you are obsessed with me and its sick u need to get help. You cant force anyone to love you Dave. No matter how much you try move on and drink the purple kool aid already

  2. Save who? Lol You’re absolutely wrong way off. You obsessed with him if you think it’s him. You actually sick you c**k sick you didn’t get 10 into you today. Dave was in jail when this was posted. I bet Dave never loved you cheating a*s. You lie so much lol nice fat hair p***y and ugly a*s t**s. I seen your nudes there online if anyone should drink your cool aid it should be you. But first you need to find a job to buy some. If you want 20 bucks you can give me a b*****b like last time an extra 5 if you swallow

    1. Lol that halious she worth $10 if that. She needs to realize that she’s has ruined her life. She’s stupid and what does she expect that everyone exposed her because she goes to church or something. F**k her and Chuck her.

  3. You are the most used up w***e I have ever slept with now it burns when I pee. Your s****h smells bad and is rotted out for the amount of men you been with. Instead of b******g about your life go do something with yourself try getting a real job instead of prostitution.

  4. F**k this pig. I did i give her 3.5 far from a 10. She just beat up old dump truck far from a limit edition Bentley. Dump trucks are beat up and passed around by everyone. Bentleys are not beat up and don’t have many owners. You can’t make a how I to a house wife.

  5. This pig should rot in a jail somewhere. She made a fool out the Kingston police and the CAS. I say let this c**k craving w***e burn in h**l. What you have told me is flat out disgusting I hope you get punished for what you have done.

  6. Please leave this poor woman alone her ex’s to. Let them work it out between themselves. The more people post this s**t it just adds to the fire. I hope this stops soon, both their families have been through enough already.

  7. What on earth are you talking about if you are going to be a key board gangster at least learn how to spell. And seems funny that all the “people” names that commented are my family or good friends names eh? Lmao if u think this gets to me…. it doesn’t. Been dragged on to long and to far for me to even care anymore. You should get a hobby rather than being a cyber bully. At least have the b***s to write your REAL name to it or call me. Pathetic just like u. And fyi my man has zero complaints about anything so…. those who cant get laid make lies up about being a w***e lmao

  8. Anyone who’s a keyboard gangster is you fatty. keep being the gross lying w***e that you are. Your spelling isn’t that great either you needle junkie. F**k your family they disowned you years ago good friends eh? Lol you use them for drugs and they use you to c*m inside your stinky fat hairy p***y. You move fast because your a pig. Love Jaden

    1. Lol good friends and family ya right more like dealers and customers. Your man will see who you really are in time. Just like the rest of them losers you were with. Tell him your real count of the men you been with and I can’t wait to see your next victim lol. FYI your a w***e Zoe and it’s just a paycheque to you.

  9. At the bottom of this page it has a link to remove your name have you tried to remove your name Zoe. Obviously you have seriously have done something to be posted like this. However this is not right at all for both of you guys to be slandered they you guys are going through. You and everybody can blame Dave for this post but how could he was in jail. who ever done this and continue to put her multiple sights to get bash is the evil one Dave is far from gay and Zoe is just as bad as bad as him. what they both don’t realize they didn’t just ruin and hurt each other’s lives the both have hurt there kids by acting out when you both should be setting an example to them. Please stop posting her we all know she lies and done some pretty petty things to people. Leave it alone all ready let everyone move on with there lives. Think about there kids.

  10. I wish this would end and never started like she is my friend and I know some stuff is true about her and what happened is really sad it’s heartbreaking to say the least. I’m not here to say what’s true or not I love her there family was always treating me like I was one of there own. All over making a few mistakes and I know Zoe has admitted what she had done was wrong and I no her ex has admitted he was wrong and both were apologetic and he forgave her so why is this continuing. You guys did love each other. Dave was a great father and roll model he always would put Zoe and the boys first. That’s what he really did. I know dave was in jail when this was posted as well and I’m not sticking up for him it’s the positive stuff needs to come out. I’m sorry Zoe that this continues to happen you’re a strong woman Zoe 705 chicks rule.

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