Willow Carswell — Saskatoon, Canada

Willow Carswell, you deserve to be on this page. You sell your body on (plenty of fish.) You are a walking DRD! You’re a nasty homie hopping slu*. You want a taste of this chick, you will. You just have to be friends with her current boyfriend and she’ll hop on your d**k so fast when they break up. The guy she is seeing now is just the man of the month. Wonder who will be next. Cause that’s what she does. She is one hit wonder. Only good for one time. Sleeps with EVERYONE, all of her boyfriends friends too, Just ask around and you’ll soon find out. And the drugs she does. Disgusting. Xanax and pepsi head. All her boyfriends in the past are all best friends, they like to take turns on this easy sloot. She likes to be gang banged, don’t ya Willow. How many guys have you slept with now? 1000? 2000? Loves to share d**k with her best friend Kobi too. Another s***k on here. Willow also has some serious mental issues, she cuts herself for attention and cries to guys about her pathetic life. She sends photos of her cutting herself for attention. Seriously messed up. She is the definition of trash. Is that why you are so easy cause no guy wants you? Easiest piece of a*5 ever, hit her up. You will probably see her hanging out at the mall. That’s where she likes to pick up her next lay. Let’s not forget about how many guys she has cheated on and used. When will you learn! You ain’t even pretty, just nasty. Like a mutt. I guess the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree does it?

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