Venessa Dumont — Edmonton, Canada

Venessa Dumont aka Brandy is a 31-year-old crack toothed skeleton and is known on every John site out there. She even has permanent DrD’s and sells her a*s and even sells her little sister’s a*s when she was only 15 years old what a good big sis you sick twisted b***h. Venessa’s sick a*s even let men rape her daughter and tried to blame it on her own family how evil can you be wow Venessa. In one night she rocked a cuck in an abandoned car for Pepsi and other drugs. Did she sell her sister to men why not her daughter too? She leaves her poor 12-year-old son home alone to watch his younger brothers and sisters while mommy is out doing drugs and being a w***e. There’s nothing she wouldn’t do for her pint addiction. That’s all well in good but what about being a mother to her children b***h they didn’t ask to be here, you had s*x and created them to be their mom c**t. There’s much more I can say about her but I’m sure many people reading this, But the good news is the system finally got smart and took this c***s kids finally they will be safer thank g*d.

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