Vendella Sonia — Vancouver, Canada

This Vendellas 10th post. This old lame try hard model is a fake poser. She pretends she does not drink or do drugs. saw her snort pepsi at cabana. She was so obsessed with the cabana owner. Hes married and dont care she grows herself at him. She has affairs with married men. She even hooked up with her sisters baby daddy. Vendella has a bad lip job as you can see from the before and after. Without make up she looks washed up and without she looks like shed 50 years old. Vendella is aged very fast . Its all the drugs and alcohol. Vendella stop dancing around in VIP trying ri geg attention your 43 years old.. stay home and knit a sweater. Old hag

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  1. Vendella is a model and promotes lady razors called the Venus. In the photo she demonstrates how easy and gentle it is to use. This photo was in Ladies own Journal and has been seen by hundreds. The dude who wrote this is Damien, someone who wanted to date Vendella but didn’t. This guy didn’t even have the b***s to put his real name on this s**t he posted. Damien thinks he’s a manly man and that all women want him. The truth is he’s a little slow and dropped out of highschool to work in his uncles’ body shop until the busines closed. No skills, no job, no Vendella, pretty boy. He has a little success with women until they find out that he’s in his 30’s and still lives with his stepmon.

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