Vanessa Amelie — Vancouver, Canada

Despite looking like a tranny she is infact a girl. This instagram hoe is the laughing stock of Vacouver. Claiming that all her “haters” are just jealous but in reality no one really cares what you do. Her huge ego cant see past the fact she looks like shes on a meth diet and breaks her back in every photo in hopes to look curvy??? Honestly this chick is on so many drugs and her a*s is literally delusional to the fact she isnt no “bad b***h”, you look like an oompaloompa with the pound of makeup you cake your face with and dont even get me started on those AWFUL lip fillers. Spot her at all the local clubs in a baseball cap tryna hide from all the b*****s that wanna smash her face in cause she runs her big a*5 mouth. She has lost so many friends for lying about her age when she would go clubbing underage and for just straight up being a fake b***h. Claims to be lavishly living but in reality she lives in her moms condo and takes all the photos she flexes on instagram with from the internet. There is so much dirt on this chick i could go on for days to her floozying and buying followers on instagram to boost her self esteem. This girl is a fuking mess.

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  1. There’s Amanda, watching out the window for her superhero to return home, when, all of a sudden her spider sense kicks in and she turns to find an intruder from TMZ right behind her snapping pics.

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